NetSuite Implementation, Custom Scripting and Records: 10star Case Study

Who is 10star?

10star is a leading B2B supplier to licensed sportsbook companies that provides risk-management algorithms that enable companies to automate data and revenue reporting.

The challenge:

Previously, 10star handled these challenges manually, but as the company scales and expands into other sports it’s clear that automation is required to reflect the growing nature of the business. The foundation of 10star’s growth needed to be a solid database and dataset that was automated to improve efficiencies & cost.

Nick Speirs, 10star CFO says:

To truly scale, we knew that our old way of manually managing our revenue reporting was not practicable. We needed to automate the process to ensure that as the business grows our datasets would be reliable and easily managed.”

The Solution:

MacroFin’s approach was two-fold: 

First, MacroFin developed a custom record to hold each betting line per match, whilst giving 10star the ability to branch out into other sports in the future. 

Second, MacroFin developed a custom script to aggregate the data from the custom record and automatically post daily revenue journals whilst aggregating reports in NetSuite. 

The Result:

As a result of MacroFin’s custom scripting and records, 10star is now able to slice and dice its finance data whilst saving time and costs. 

Nick Speirs, 10star CFO continues: 

“Through using the integration that MacroFin has developed, we are able to save roughly a third of the time that would be required for manual work. This saves on cost and time for my staff and means that the system is future-proof for when we expand into other markets.”

Read the full case study below:

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