Improve inventory. Reduce costs. Increase margins.

NetSuite Wholesale Distribution Implementation

Combining a unique finance-led approach with unrivalled NetSuite expertise in WD, retail and manufacturing to help you sell more, better, and improve customer experience.

A Partner to Optimise Inventory, Orders, Integrations, and Finance - All in One.

Unlike many implementation partners, we offer a combination of WD  experts with client-side experience, certified NetSuite and Financial Professionals, and a team of in-house Software Developers who work collaboratively to drive your growth by improving efficiency and increasing your margins.

With 300+ successful NetSuite projects to date, we are proven experts in:

MacroFin's Unique Approach to NetSuite Wholesale Distribution Implementations

Extending NetSuite’s SuiteSuccess methodology, our unique hands-on approach includes spending time on your shopfloor or warehouse, allowing us to understand how your inventory is stored, orders are processed, operations and logistics work, and what metrics can help to improve activity at each key stage.

Our industry specialists use their client-side experience of implementing NetSuite combined with deep industry knowledge to ensure you see a positive impact on operations and a quick ROI across three critical factors...

Working with management and operations teams to identify and advise on the reports, metrics and KPIs you need to analyse everything from supply chain status to customer order behaviour, warehouse performance and cash flow. This approach drives positive behaviours across the business, whilst also enabling you to quickly identify potential risks and opportunities to quickly adapt and ensure you continue to grow.

We look at the entire process from your customers placing their orders to you receiving payment. This is critical to improve margins, increase sales and enhance your customer experience whilst removing internal frustrations and bottlenecks. This can be as simple as automating an alert for the warehousing team when an order is placed, through to creating a fully integrated solution between e-commerce and WMS solution.
On the other side of margins and customer satisfaction – our expert team works with you to ensure you have the correct amount of stock, optimal pricing structures and lead times, with automated and efficient accounts payable processes to manage and enhance relationships with your suppliers.

Our Awards

Customer Success Partner of the Year 2023 White

MacroFin's Team of NetSuite Wholesale Distribution Experts

Our WD team includes consultants with 15+ years’ experience working in the NetSuite Wholesale Distribution space with a specific focus on full supply chain lifecycle, optimised order processing and warehousing and inventory management. 

Combined with a unique finance-led approach developed by our teams’ experience in working on the client-side of ERP implementations, ensures we work with you to implement processes which help reduce costs on the way into your business and increase margins on the way out. 


Wholesale Distribution Implementation Process

Step 1 — On-site scoping

This is where we begin to differentiate ourselves from other consultants and consulting firms. Whilst most firms will carry out a site visit - our expert team will visit your site, walk the floor, speak to your operations and back-office teams and learn about your business, products and processes to deliver a personalised experience.

In addition to reviewing your current processes and challenges, we discuss your strategic objectives and begin to align your requirements with NetSuite's capabilities, the likely modules required, and advise on industry-leading practices to enhance your end-to-end processes.
Step 2 — Business Requirements Document
Following the site visit, our consultants will work with key stakeholders in your team to complete a Business Requirements Document. Driven by NetSuite's SuiteSuccess process, the Business Requirements Document is a structured questionnaire to remove vagueness or misunderstanding from your requirements spec and align your business with industry-leading practices devised by NetSuite. These leading practices are also extended by our WD experts based on their years of experience in implementing successful NetSuite WD solutions.

The business requirements document becomes the cornerstone of your project blueprint. It is focussed on addressing your most pressing challenges quickly, introducing 'quick wins' in your ordering, inventory, and billing processes which will enable you to take the next step in your growth, whilst putting a longer-term plan in place to enable your NetSuite to continually evolve and drive your ongoing growth.
Step 3 — joint Execution Plan
Based on the Business Requirements Document, we devise a Joint Execution Plan, which ensures our team and your team are clear from day one about who will do what, when, and why.

This is central to avoiding two of the most common pitfalls of ERP implementations - missed go-live dates and budget creep. By defining everything before beginning the implementation, it ensures that risk is removed and responsibility, and therefore accountability, is clearly allocated from day one.
Step 4 — NetSuite Build
This is another stage where our process is different from other partners.

Once the Business Requirements Document and Joint Execution Plan have been signed off, our consultants will build your tailored NetSuite solution and will be driven by someone who is first a WD specialist and a NetSuite specialist a very close second. This means that the consultants working on your project will possess a long history of delivering innovative stock and order focussed solutions, as opposed to general NetSuite consultants who may understand the capabilities of NetSuite standard functionality but may not have the industry experience and real-world knowledge required to drive positive and practical changes in your business.

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