Go further than just scripting, with the NetSuite development service that provides solutions to your business problems.

NetSuite Development Services

Customise your NetSuite solution with MacroFin’s full development services. From problem scoping and project road mapping to end-to-end testing and delivery, MacroFin offers the full NetSuite development service that goes beyond purely scripting. We solve your problem. 

MacroFin’s NetSuite Development Process

Based on experience from 300+ successful NetSuite projects, our NetSuite Development process has been designed to tackle some of the most common challenges experienced when investing in bespoke projects: optimum solution, budget, visibility, and testing.

To guarantee a rounded, practical, and working outcome, we ensure you receive input and experience from our collective award-winning team of Solution Consultants, Accounting and Finance specialists and certified Developers.

This means you can trust that right questions are asked, the project will solve your challenge, and the software will work as it should within NetSuite.

We provide integrations, automation of manual processes and approval workflows to ensure your finance department are able to work as efficiently as you.

We can provide custom solutions/scripts to enhance NetSuite such as: 

  • Back-to-back purchase orders
  • Bulk invoice approval
  • Accural automation 
  • Complex approval workfows

Our Awards

Customer Success Partner of the Year 2023 White

Our process is broken down into five simple steps:

Our NetSuite Development Process:

Stage One
Scoping Exercise
We begin the project with a scoping exercise which is carried out by a team consisting of NetSuite technical experts and financial specialists who have over 15 years' experience client-side working on NetSuite and ERP projects.

Who have identified a unique process to address the common points of failure of ERP projects. This ensures our team truly understand what you’re trying to achieve from your development work and can advise both from a NetSuite and business process perspective. We will then create a solution scope based on your needs and our expertise of NetSuite and accounting practice.
Stage One
Stage Two
Project Proposal
After the problem and solution has been identified by our development and financial experts, we will provide a detailed proposal and mapping of the project so you can know what to expect throughout the process.
Stage Two
Stage Three
The Build 
One of our experienced developers will start the scripting work, with input from our technical services department, ensuring that finance expertise is at the heart of the solution.
Stage Three
Stage Four
End-to-end testing 
To ensure your NetSuite customisation works the way you and your team need it to; we provide continuous testing and further user acceptance testing. This means we’re able to ensure that the system is working as it should be and stress-tested prior to roll out in your live environment.
Stage Four
Stage Five
A clear deployment plan will be provided along with assistance from our functional and technical resources we ensure your solution is deployed correctly and any potential data issues are considered
Stage Five

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