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NetSuite Implementation

Driven by a combined 60+ years of client-side experience working in Senior Finance roles, we take a unique approach to NetSuite implementations to ensure you receive a well-designed and effectively optimised ERP system.

How MacroFin Ensures Your NetSuite Implementation is a Success

MacroFin was founded to fundamentally change the way NetSuite implementations are carried out. Established in 2018 by two chartered accountants with over 15 years of experience as end users of NetSuite in senior finance and technology positions, the MacroFin team has grown to include over 40 staff members. Among them, 16 individuals bring valuable expertise from their previous senior finance roles.  

Unlike most of our competitors, our team’s finance experience – alongside our unique project team structure – has allowed MacroFin to develop a unique finance-led approach which eradicates the common causes of NetSuite implementation failure through:  

  • Requirements and Scoping  
  • Project Structure and Documentation  
  • Unique Team Structure 
  • Realistic Scope and Budget 
  • Go-Live Process  

Requirements and Scoping

MacroFin approaches the scoping exercise differently to other partners by creating innovative solutions that work in the real-world. We find out what it is you are trying to achieve in your finance processes or what problems you are trying to solve and, based on our team’s client and implementation side experience, we recommend the best way to execute this within your NetSuite system.

This thorough approach helps to reduce the disparity between what the senior decision-makers in the business want to achieve with the NetSuite implementation – typically, a reduction in manual processes, a foundation for strategic international growth and other high-level business needs – and what the end users of the system want to see.

In our experience, there tends to be a lack of consistency between what is requested during the sales process and what is delivered, so we place an emphasis on shaping your solution based on your strategic business objectives.

Our Awards

Customer Success Partner of the Year 2023 White

Project Structure and Documentation

During your NetSuite implementation, MacroFin follows the SuiteSuccess process whilst enhancing it with our client-side experience. The SuiteSuccess methodology ensures that we implement your solution according to leading financial and industry practices with consistency, through a templated approach that follows an agreed timeline.  

We implement leading practices according to industry verticals, ensuring your business is set up to scale in your NetSuite system.  

We ensure that there is consistency between what the Directors/CFO asked for in the initial sales process and the expectations of the client-side project team. This means that the objectives and impact on strategic growth aren’t diluted by people in the team essentially asking for their old system in their new system. We do this by ensuring that the people involved in the initial strategic conversations collaborate with the team. 

Unlike most other partners we provide you with a realistic timeline and signpost key stages ahead of the implementation process. This allows us to provide an average go-live time of just 4 months, where we highlight key areas of the implementation process that will require input from your team, meaning you are prepped and the process can run smoothly.  

Our client-side experience allows us to ensure there is a structured timeline that both sides are aware of and working towards, which is vital to the NetSuite implementation being a success.  


Unique Team Structure

Our experience has allowed us to create NetSuite implementation project teams that are structured for success. Often, NetSuite implementation project teams typically consist of one individual who is relied upon for the whole project delivery.  

In contrast, MacroFin’s multifaceted project teams consist of a combination of the three key groups which represent the stages that ensure the NetSuite implementation is a success:

  • Client Executive and Senior User  
  • MacroFin Management  
  • Senior Consultant  
  • Project Manager  
  • Solution Architect  
  • Quality Assurance  
  • NetSuite Developers  



Realistic Scope and Budget

Our client-side and implementation-side experience tells us that going live quickly is important to you. This is why we manage your requirements and give you accurate, realistic timelines and budgets.

This means that you shouldn’t have to go back to your Board to request additional funds, a scenario which is not uncommon during ERP implementations (trust us, we’ve been there!). 

Go-Live Process

By addressing the common points of implementation failure, we have created a reliable and effective NetSuite implementation and system cutover process. This is proven through our average go-live time of four months and our high customer retention rate.

We get you live quickly, within the pre-agreed timeframe and budget, whilst making plans for your phase two – ensuring we are there for the entire process, supporting your finance system to grow with your business.  

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