HiveMQ Go-Live Announcement

HiveMQ - Customer Go-Live Announcement

The NetSuite Solution Implemented:

Who is HiveMQ?

HiveMQ is an MQTT platform designed to connect, communicate, and control loT data under real-world stress. The HiveMQ MQTT Platform is the proven enterprise standard and powers use cases in automative, energy, logistics, smart manufacturing, transportation, and more. Leading brands like Audi, BMW, Unilever and Siemens choose HiveMQ to build smarter loT projects, modernise factories, and create better customer experiences.

HiveMQ sought a comprehensive solution for streamlined business processes. NetSuite stood out for its scalability, robust features, and seamless integration capabilities, aligning perfectly with HiveMQ’s need for efficiency and international growth.

How did MacroFin help?

MacroFin was the ideal choice for HiveMQ as they bring a unique perspective, being conceptualized by accountants for accountants. Their quick and responsive approach, coupled with a solution-oriented mindset, ensured a tailored NetSuite implementation that precisely addressed HiveMQ’s needs.

What HiveMQ said:

"Working with Bea, Mau, and Alice was a pleasure. They not only met our requirements, but also provided a solution grounded in best practices, ensuring an exceptional user experience and top-notch customer service. Their efforts have enabled us to focus more on customer satisfaction and less on administrative tasks. We look forward to continuing our partnership with MacroFin and their managed service team".
Christian Degenhardt
Head of Finance

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