Hokodo Go-Live Announcement

Hokodo - Customer Go-Live Announcement

The NetSuite Solution Implemented:

Who is Hokodo?

Hokodo is Europe’s leading B2B “Buy Now, Pay Later” payment platform that modernises purchasing experiences for businessesA scalable, all-in-one payment solution for B2B businesses; Hokodo enables customers to achieve growth without the pain of operational inefficiencies or working capital constraints. 

What did Hokodo require from their NetSuite solution?

Having used Xero for many years, Hokodo needed an upgrade to the finance ERP system. Hokodo needed support to move from their legacy system onto NetSuite, to have a platform capable of handling their growth and sales. 

How did MacroFin help?

Hokodo identified early on that they needed a tailored solution to account for how they handle insurance money not directly owned by them. MacroFin provided a team of NetSuite architects and Accounting Advisors to create a custom solution for Hokodo.  

What benefits are Hokodo now seeing?

Due to the speed both teams worked at, MacroFin was able to bring the go-live date forward by 1 month. This meant that Hokodo could start using NetSuite sooner and reaping the benefits of their new finance system. 

What Hokodo said:

“The NetSuite implementation process with MacroFin has been very smooth and we are happy with how the project went. The MacroFin team was attentive and helpful at all stages, and I would recommend them to any similar business going forward who are considering implementing NetSuite.”
Tomas Sutas
Financial Controller, Hokodo

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