Railsr Go-Live Announcement

Railsr - Customer Go-Live Announcement

The NetSuite Solution Implemented:

Who is Railsr?

Railsr (formerly Railsbank) is the world’s leading embedded finance experience platform that is improving customer experience through financial touchpoints. Railsr provides its clients with fully immersive, frictionless experiences and builds relevant finance experiences to drive customer engagement and loyalty. Railsr aim to provide deep and meaningful customer experiences with brands that people love. Over $2 Billion in venture capital has been raised collectively by customers since implementing Railsr.  

How did MacroFin help?

MacroFin configured SuiteSuccess Standard Financials, including NetSuite OneWOrld. MacroFin delivered a global NetSuite Deployment across 8 countries within 6 months. A robust data migration process combined with in-house accounting and financial knowledge ensured that this timeline was met and Railsr was supported.  

What Railsr said:

“The synergy that MacroFin’s consulting experience and mine brought to the project gave an exceptional NetSuite solution to the client, given that the deployment was global, across 8 countries with two companies in each country. MacroFin provided state of the art tools and applications that enable real-time communication and resolution of projects tasks and issues. The tracking of UAT activities and the visibility of testers performance guaranteed continuous motivation for completion.

MacroFin was very structured in their approach in managing the project with weekly visibility of milestones achieved and those outstanding, project cost accumulation was tracked, and areas of project risks were identified and suggestions for completion recommended including providing their resource where necessary.

MacroFin were robust in the data migration process with in-depth accounting knowledge that validated data from source to NetSuite destination. MacroFin consultants were truly dedicated and were a joy to work with. To deliver and go-live across the globe with NetSuite from a fragmented legacy system in just six months including training end users, was an extraordinary performance.

I will highly recommend MacroFin as a NetSuite partner to clients intending to deploy a strategic cloud-based ERP system without hesitation.”
Herbert Sowemimo
NetSuite Consultant, Railsr

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