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The Furniture Practise
WD | Implementation Lead

  • Led successful whole-of-business NetSuite implementation (Finance, Sales, Operations)

  • Owner highly satisfied and looking to implement NetSuite in other businesses in his portfolio

  • Responsible for entire implementation process including scoping, designing user-friendly solutions using SuiteScript, building forms and reports, data migration and staff training

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05 BTC.png

SoHo Coffee (BTC)
Hospitality | Implementation Management

  • Led successful NetSuite implementation with extensive stakeholder involvement to ensure finance, operations and business requirements were met

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Software | Optimisation Consulting

  • Scope and execute improvements to recent unsatisfactory NetSuite implementation 

  • Led the NetSuite implementation of NetSuite
    to further EMEA subsidiaries

  • Within one week saved the business a number
    of days at month end and improver user experience, using new workflows and script

03 Receipt bank.png

Receipt Bank
Software | Optimisation Consulting

  • Engaged to assist this rapidly growing business extract greater value from their recent NetSuite implementation by scoping and executing customised improvements, automation, enhanced reporting and training staff

  • Turned customer from unsatisfied to a NetSuite advocate